The following electronic response is best used with almost all versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape.
Unfortunately some ISP's such as AOL and Compuserve do not support this type of form. If this is the case please type your request on a standard e-mail addressed to info@i-netsupport.co.uk.

Please provide the following information:-

Business name if different from above

Business mailing address

Business telephone number

e-mail address if different to the one presently being used

Website URL

Advertising option selected

Do you wish to have a hyperlink addition if you have selected the Directory entry or Directory entry +1/3 advert

Directory Category (specify the principal category only)

Directory description (this should not exceed 40 words excluding the contact information)

Advertising text (if applicable)
1/3 advert - 100 word max.
1/2 advert - 170 word max.
Page advert - 400 word max.

The advertiser acknowledges that the information is not subject to external verification, and SCSupport cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the description.
Any complaints that might arise over inaccurate information will be the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

If the option selected requires the use of photo images, or a graphic in place of a photograph, them you are asked to either send the images as JPG or GIF files attached to an e-mail to info@i-netsupport.co.uk or to send them in original form by post to I-NetSupport, 2 Wembely Terrace, Melrose TD6 9QR along with your return address. We will scan the originals and return them once the detail has been incorportated on the website.

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