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Weardale Way Cover New Weardale Way Guide Book

Published in 2012 "The Weardale Way" - 'A Guided Tour along the River Wear Throught County Durham & Sunderland' by Joe Watson is now available to purchase via Durham Cow Publishing. We believe it to be the first such guide since the Weardale Way was revised and enhanced in 2005. This book updates the route to that previous featured in Alistair Wallace's 1997 edition of "The Weardale Way". This new book divides the route into 14 sections of differing lengths and difficulty and presents each section with a map and route instructions. There are also sections on the Way and the region assisting the reader to prepare for the walk and learn something about the geology, plant life, wildlife and history surrounding the walk. Written by a local to the area, who has walked the Way many times, this is useful to both those walking all of the Way or simply wanting to enjoy one or more of the 14 sections.
Do be aware however, this book follows the route from Killhope to Roker, that is in the opposite direction to the description in this website. For that reason the more detailed directional instructions may seem at first clance to be at odds with one another.
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