St Oswald's Way
Kirkwhelpinton to Heavenfield - 17½ miles / 28 km
Route Map
The base map used on this website image have been produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-Map service. Images reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Kirkwhelphington Church The starting point of the final section is at Kirkwhelpington and runs for 17½ miles. This is a section with effectively no opportunities for overnight accommodation unless the walker is to make use of support transport , which is also very limited in this area. There are some points where refreshments can be got but this is confined to Inns starting at Great Whittington. Do come to this section with your own refreshments.

Near to Northside Having left the village of Kirkwhelpington the route crosses the A 696 road, which runs, between Otterburn and Newcastle upon Tyne. The route is now on a mixture of single lane country road and moorland fields as it head south on its way to Great Bavington. This is mainly over field where sheep are grazing and the views are open although not that dramatic.

Bavington Crags Having taken a dog leg at the West Harle farm steading the route now come along side the Bavington Crags, a line of outcrops that are not that tall in height but crop up in the landscape for the next few miles.

Great Bavington Great Bavington is strangely named, for this is a very small village dominated by the farm and containing most likely no more than twenty houses and a small church. The Way snakes its way between the little houses and the country church before emerging back onto a narrow road that lead to the farm at Clay Walls.

From Clay Walls the route heads across fields to Little Bavington, passing close to a training track set up for horse racing.

Hallington Reservoir (East) Little Bavington is quickly walked through and the route now turns left off the B 6342 onto a single track road that runs almost due south for 2½ miles (4 Km) passing the little hamlet of Hallington.
To the west lies the Hallington Reservoirs and to the east can be seen the Kirkheaton wind farm.

Hallington Hallington is even smaller to that of Little Bavington however it has a very impressive Hall that is passed right next to the attractive water lade that is shown on the adjacent picture.
The walk continues south and ahead the walker can see the higher land of the Todridge Fell over which they will shortly be walking. From the cross roads at Bingfield the is a steady climb then following a dog leg the St Oswald's Way departs from the road and again takes to the more comfortable walking on fields and moors.

View from Todridge Fell After a climb through a few fields the Way reaches the top and flatter field of the Fell. Do take some time to admire the view; you can get a 360 degree vantage point, looking back to the days starting point and south west to the countryside along which Hadrian's Wall runs.

Great Whittington
Having enjoyed the views from Todridge Fell the walk starts a gradual descent as it heads towards Great Whittington. The first section on the moor takes the walker to a tiny community where one of the properties is known as the “Click 'em in”. From here it is a short road walk to arrive in Great Whittington where a small inn may be a very welcome stopping point before the final section to Heavenfield.

Great Whittington Old Mill The path skirts round this small but attractive Northumberland village, if you have time it may be worth walking through the village and returning back east by the back lane. The way now heads again along field edges to the Whittington Windmill, now no longer in use but a significant landmark. The original route then went by way of Clarewood before going south and west of Toft Hill. More recently the route has been revised to take the walk over the top of Toft Hill. From Toft Hill there are a few more fields to walk around before the path heads almost due south along the field edge to arrive at the B 6318 road running from Heddon on the Wall to Chollerford.

Old Military Road
At the top of the field section the route reaches the Old Military Road ("B6318") and turn right and west. From here to the end of the St Oswald's Way (Approx 4 miles) the route is common with the Hadrian Wall Path. The walk is by way of pavement and field, always running parallel to the Military Road.

Errington Arms on A68 the hadiran's Wall Path soon crosses the B 6318 close to Carr Hill before arriving at the A 68 road which joints Edinburgh with Darlington. Located at the crossing point is the Errington Arms where food and drink are served, but this is not presently offering any overnight accommodation.
A slight incline then follows and the path crosses a style before running along the fringe of the Stanley Planation.

Vallum to west of Errington Hill Head
After the Stanley Planation the path again makes a second and final crossing over the Military road. Walkers are advised to be very careful with these crossings as there is considerable traffic on this road.
Now on the north side of the the road the route is now on the grassy fields to the side of the clearly visible Vallum. The Vallum is a form of ditch that was dug by the Roman's to strengthen their defences against the disruptive Picts who would be attaching from the north.

Chruch at Heavenfield Battle Ground After St oswald's Hill Head Farm the Way is on its last few hundred metres, arriving at the large wooden cross close to the Military Road with the open fields to the north that formed the land on which the Heavenfield Battle was faught in 635 AD. On the slight rise at the top stands the St Oswald's Church, this being worth visiting as it contains interesting panels regarding the history of the site and the influence of King Oswald (Saint Oswald).

The route is now complete however as there are now lodgings or focal points at this point, many walkers may continue the walk for a mile or so further to reach the small village of Wall or proceed to Chollerford. If this is the end point the walker simply needs to follow the Hadrain's Wall Path a little further to the west.

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Holy Island - Bamburgh 19 miles / 30½ km
Bamburgh - Craster 14 miles / 22 km
Craster - Warkworth 13½ miles / 21½ km
Warkworth - Rothbury 18 miles / 29 km
Rothbury - Kirkwhelpington 15 miles / 24 km
Kirkwhelpington - Heavenfield 17½ miles / 28 km