St Oswald's Way
Bamburgh to Craster - 14 miles / 22 km
Route Map
The base map used on this website image have been produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-Map service. Images reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Banburgh castle from looking back from Red Barns The starting point for the second section is from Bamburgh Castle and heading south east for a short section on the pavement on the B 1340 road to Seahouses. Very quickly the route turns right off the road and across fields to a group of buildings know as Red Barnes. Having passed Red Barnes there are further fields as the route makes its way to Fowberry.
Looking back you will get the view of Bamburgh Castle as shown on the left.

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Between Fowberry and Shoreston Hall The way now takes to a very minor road as it heads to another group of houses at Shoreston Hall. Next a further section across fields before arriving at the west end of North Sunderland at a small industrial estate. Taking to a footpath heading towards Seahouses the next kilometre takes the walker to the very centre of this Seaside resort.

Seahouses Harbour Arriving at the centre of Seahouses the path crosses the B 1340 and heads down to the harbour then turns right to head along towards Braidcarr Point and then right again near to North Sunderland Point to take the way back up to the B 1340 south of Seahouses.

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North Sunderland Point looking to Beadnell From the roadway the next section into Beadnell is mainly on the pavement and on the inland side of the dunes. Close to Beadnell there is the chance to walk on the west side of the road can across the edge of some fields. The way enters Beadnell at the north end at a “T” junction, the way keeps on the shore road elevated above the craggy coastline.

Beadnell harbour and Little Rock Leaving Beadnell the Way passes through a static caravan site with the sandy Beadnell Bay on the walkers left. The picture on the left is a view from the bay looking north back into the Beadnell harbour. What now follows is a walk along the inland side of the sand dunes and though an area of bird sanctuary.
The walker is likely to meet with several ornithologists in this section of the walk.

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Crossing the Brunton Burn Part way along this section the path crosses over the Brunton Burn by way of a pedestrian bridge.
Walking south the dunes are on the left and block out the beach, while on the right the view is onto relatively flat farm land.

Newton Point The coastline walk continues towards Newton Point but does not go directly to the point. This is National Trust land and may be a place where some walkers may want to stop and explore.
The way carries on to the very small community of Low Newton by-the-Sea.

View of Dunstanburgh Castle from the north of Embleton Bay
At the end of the road the path heads south and curves round the edge of Embleton Bay, another pleasant sandy beach on the walkers left. Some of the route is across or at the side of a golf course so be careful and courteous to the golfers.

Dunstanburgh Castle Ahead on the horizon is the ruined castle of Dunstanburgh. Approaching from the north the full size of this castle is not appreciated, nor is its defensive position on the top of a mount and sea cliffs on one side fully appreciated. The Way passes to the inland side of the castle and now the length of the ruins can be appreciated.

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Craster Harbour From the south end of the Castle the walk into Craster is almost totally on meadowland with the sea just off to the left. This is easy walking on a fine grass surface only departing from it for the very last short distance along a narrow road before ending at Craster Harbour. This is still an active harbour for small boats with an RNLI station also located in this small but charming seaside village.

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Holy Island - Bamburgh 19 miles / 30½ km
Bamburgh - Craster 14 miles / 22 km
Craster - Warkworth 13½ miles / 21½ km
Warkworth - Rothbury 18 miles / 29 km
Rothbury - Kirkwhelpington 15 miles / 24 km
Kirkwhelpington - Heavenfield 17½ miles / 28 km