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SCSupport Ltd.
2 Wembley Terrace, Melrose, Roxburghshire. TD6 9QR

Telephone : 01896 822079
Fax : 01896 820093
Mobile telephone : 07718 893553

Melrose lies on the A6091, the linking road between the A7 and the A68.
The A7 runs from Edinburgh to Carlisle and its closest point to Melrose is at Galashiels.
The A68 runs from Edinburgh to Darlington and links to the A696 to Newcastle upon Tyne. The closest point to Melrose is the roundabout just south of the River Tweed bridge at Leaderfoot.

Melrose can be accessed at either end of the town from the A6091 then travel to the Market Square. In the Market Square take the B6359 marked for Bowden and Hawick. Wembley Terrace is on the right of this road some 100 metres from the top of the initial hill out of the Market Square.

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