Services & Costs

I-Net Support not only provides for the design and development of the website we can additionally offer a complete range of support services to help make your site visible, memorable, a source of new trade, and an up-to-date window on your business.
We will undertake to search and register a suitable URL, set up your Internet Service Provider and establish facilities like counters, news groups, members sections, and secure trading. We will undertake when appropraite the registration of your website with the key search engines and are willing to discuss options such as pay per click and search engine advertising.
We are also working with clients where we are involved in ongoing updating of the website, either with new issues and topics or updating the stock that they have for sale. We will guarantee our clients a defined service level in terms of updating prior to entering into an ongoing contract. This service level being defined to suits the client's business at the lowest possible cost.

The setting of strategy, designing and writing a website are not as complex as might be envisaged. The running costs of the site are low, the real cost to the client is in ensuring that you can respond to resulting increased client demands.

From as little as 300, we can provide an internet, intranet, or extranet site containing a home page, 3 linked pages (of which one might be an electronic response form) with suitable site navigation.

In the cases of more extensive sites and where the client needs strategic and design advise, I-Net Support will provide a quotation based on the outcome of an initial fact finding meeting. I-Net Support also offer a competitive 35 hourly rates for ongoing maintenance and updating of established websites. Our hourly rate for new customers is 40.

It is our wish, where the client has a well defined need and outline for their e-business needs, to provide fixed prices that are very competitive. Only in cases where the need expands or changes significantly will that fixed price be altered.

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