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I-Net Support has a number of websites that it has established and maintains. These sites are the copyright of I-Net Support and provide global information on a specific topic or service. The sites offer all related businesses to advertise and promote their particular service to the website visitor.
I-Net Support has set up such sites for the Care of the Elderly and several that relate to the topic of Long Distance Walking.

Weardale Way is the most recent of the walking portal websites and is currently undergoing further development. This is the first website for the route that has been established and walked over a number of year. The portal website is however coming at a good time as the route is being slightly modified and extended, and the website will do much to promote and provide valuable information on this route.
The Way runs from Roker at the mouth of the River Wear west through Sunderland, Durham and Bishop Auckland to the North Pennine Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Rob Roy Way was established in 2002 and has already become one of Scotland's most popular long distance routes. Developed by SCSupport Ltd (I-Net Support's parent company), the walk is from Drymen to Pitlochry across some of the most stunning countryside of Scotland.
The whole information base and awareness of the route has been instigated through the use of the world wide web, thereby showing the power of this form of marketing and information exchange.

Borders Abbeys Way is a circular 5 day walk in the south east of Scotland. It passes by the four ruined Abbeys of Dryburgh, Kelso, Jedburgh and Melrose while also passing through Selkirk the location of the very first 12th century Abbey, but this one was only used for a matter of a few years.
This portal website offers unrivalled opportunity for local businesses that are willing to work with the growing and important walking market. Unlike linear walks this gives the opportunity to accommodation providers to secure several nights accommodation.

St Cuthbert's Way was the first portal website established by I-Net Support. This defined what has been acclaimed as a format that meets the full needs of the website visitor and has therefore been a template for future portal sites.
The route is this year celebration its 10th Anniversary and for that reason the site now has a unique section dedicated to the event. Over the 5 years of the websites existence the number accessing the site as risen constantly and can claim to be the most visible source of data on the route.

The Sir Walter Scott Way is a portal website that was set up a few years ago with the partnership support of one of Sir Walter Scott’s direct descendants. This walking route is based on parts of the Southern Upland Way but presented and delivered in a way that makes the 92 mile route interesting and accessible to the growing walking market.
The interesting fact about the website is that it not only appeals to those who are looking for a walking holiday but it has also become a source of information and enquiry into matters relating specifically to the author.

Great Glen Way portal is the second one for this route. This route was opened in 2002 and has been very popular, offering the walkers a 73 mile route between Fort William and Inverness. This portal follows the design of our other sites but still looks quite different. It has been suggested that it contains much more supporting information in area related to the walk and the local history to other sites but the key to the portal must rest with the development of extensive links and information directories.
Roman Heritage Way is a challenging 100 mile series of walks that have strong association with the Roman occupation of northern Britain in the 1st & 2nd centuries.
This route is developed through the linking of a number of already established walking routes into a new combination. It maintains a strong heritage link all the way but additionally offer the walker a very changing and sometimes dramatic landscape.
This portal, like the others offers the visitor many e-communication options, be it electronic response form or enquiry sheets to easy e-mail to request information or to provide comment or data.

The Fife Coastal Path was finally completed in 2005 and becomes the first fully completed long distance coastal walk in Scotland. Like the Great Glen Way portal it is not unique but it was the first to carry the full route details.
Many of the success factors of these portal websites stems from the hyperlinking and opportunities to support the web visitor with associated information. We have designed the portal in a way that we hope will encourage visitors within the site to visit our wider portals by offering a comprehensive links section and many links within the text to make the visit relevant and a source of ongoing data.

All these portal websites are open to businesses to promote their particular activity or service. This is a very cost effective means of advertsing the business be it through a straightforward listing, extended advertisment of hyperlinked website. There are also special promotional deals that we can consider and through our "walkers' database" there are opportunities for affiliate marketing.
To explore any of the potential options offered via these portal website simply send us an e-mail detailing on it the portal website that is of particular interest along with any other information that you may want to provide. I-Net Support will respond within a few days.

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