Website Design & Authoring

I-Net Support will start with discussing the objective of the internet , intranet or extranet site. We will look at the organsation's existing marketing image and then offer advise on how to develop the web pages. In the case of businesses with an existing presence we will critically review that website against the businesses criterial and e-business requirements.

We will offer help with pictures and images, text and the use of forms and tables. We will introduce appropriate e-business trading on the website. We will look at creating as many links as are useful and relevant, thereby assisting you to get the best possible access to your website. I-Net Support will consider the needs of the customer and their typical client, review download times and capabilities, along with the ease of navigation around the website.

The complete design and authoring process will be done in close colaboration with our client to ensure a quality end result. Using our experience in the design of a range of sites from the industrial, professional and hospitality business to the association and membership group, we will bring original ideas and proven techniques.

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