The Walk - Stage by Stage

This is a varied walk in terms of terrain and surroundings. It offers stretches of easy walking along level towpaths while also requiring some steep and constant climbs. The surroundings vary from open counrtyside to extensive forestry and some moorland stretches. The walking surfaces are mainly on well constructed paths or tracks with only limited field or grassland.

73 Miles
117 Km

Max Ascent 1000ft
Canal Ascent 100ft

Canal Towpath
16 miles
Lochside paths
32 miles
Moorland, hill and farmland
21 miles
Town or City
4 miles

Passing by:
Loch Lochy
Loch Oich
Loch Ness

Fort William
Fort Augustus

Ben Nevis
Neptune's Staircase
Bridge of Oich
Urquhart Castle

By clicking on the appropriate section of the route shown above additional details will be provided along with images from along the Way. Alternatively click here to access the start of the route.

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