This section of the website has seen little development over the last year. For it to be a success we need the input of viewers to the website and walkers on the Great Glen Way or from those who have been on the cycle route. We would encourage you to send us your comments on the website using the on-line Questionnaire or to submit news or general comments you can e-mail us and we will endeavour to respond to your suggestions.

The type of news content that we would like to feature in 2004 is as follows:-
  • Experiences on the Way, both positive and negative.
  • Forthcoming charity events that are incorporating the use of the Way. We will help to promote the event and provide post event news.
  • Competitions to bring interest to the Way.
  • Activities in the surrounding communities that could be of interest to the potential walker and which might encourage them to walk at a certain time.
  • Any other related issues to walking or the area.

Temporary Route Diversion

Currently there is a short diversionary route of approx. 1 mile within the Creag Nay Forest. This is located on the section between Drumnadrochit and Inverness some 4 miles north east of Drumnadrochit. The foresters have marked the diversion with red and white tape. Please utilise the alternative route so that tree felling can continue without disruption.

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HIT THE ROAD mass sponsored walk to raise funds for Homeless International

Homeless International is a UK based charity, supported by SFHA and CIH, that supports community led and managed housing and infrastructure initiatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

They rely on voluntary fundraising to help them back their partners in carrying out their vital work. As well as supporting communities to access land and build or improve their housing, their partners work to share knowledge, ideas and experiences with people living in other informal settlements all over the world.

All walkers are encouraged to get involved because it's going to be fun!... And of course, you'll be part of raising thousands of pounds to help Homeless International continue their work.

The walks which include the St Cuthbert's Way will start on the weekend of 29/30 May 2004 and over this and the following two weekends, people will simultaneously undertake different sections. The walks have been chosen to offer different levels of difficulty so that they will suit a wide range of walking abilities. There should be a section near you, but you can undertake any section you like. So bring your friends and family and make a weekend of it! All we ask (on behalf of Homeless International) is that you pay 1.00 to register and then raise as much sponsorship as you can of course!

We will supply all the information and forms you will need, along with guidelines and maps for the actual walk. All the routes are detailed below - although please be aware that you don't have to complete the whole of any route!! Once your form is received, you'll be sent a registration pack and more in depth details on the routes, sponsor form , etc.

If you are interested in taking part - or would just like to make a donation or buy a t-shirt, please link here to the "HIT THE ROAD" website.

Routes to choose from :
  • Great Glen Way
  • West Highland Way
  • Union Canal
  • St Cuthberts Way

Weekends for walking :
  • 29/30 May 2004
  • 5/6 June 2004
  • 12/13 June 2004

Website Growth

This has been our fastest growing walking website in 2003 and our associated organisation Walking Support has seen the highest number of books during 2003 on this route, we support four others in Northern Britain.

Guided Sponsored Walk

Walking Support is a booking and guiding company and we have been involved in planning and guiding charity walks. This has been with a range of charitiable organisations related to either local or national fundraising.

We are keen to have such a sponsored walk happening on the Great Glen Way in 2004. For us the objective is to support worthwhile causes, to have a defined reason to be walking this route again, and to gain some joint publicity for both the Charity and the walking route.

In the past we have been involved in guiding an event that gained over 18,000 for the charity, but we are equally happy to work with charities where the target many be considerably lower. If your are a charity or an individual wanting to raise money for a charity and think it would be also a pleasurable activity to experience the Great Glen Way start by e-mailing Walking Support and detailing your outline plans. If we can help then there could be a sponsored walk running in a matter of weeks.

Promoting the route in Utrecht

From our experience of planning and booking walkers on the route in 2003, 55% came from the Low Countries, 30% from North America and 15% from the UK. Perhaps this low local figure reflect the fact that more British are confident enough to plan and arrange the walk without expert help.

The figure do however demonstrate the importance of the Low Countries as a market for walkers and we will be attending the Op Pad outdoor walking and cycling exhibition in March 2004 at Utrecht to promote this route and website to the continental walkers.

Walker's Newsletter

We, the webmaster, and Walking Support are now producing a Newsletter for Long Distance walkers that is submitted free of charge to anyone who subscribes. The newsletter is distributed by e-mail and is only sent out when we have news or offers.

To register we need you to submit a registration e-mail which is as simple as clicking here then sending while on line. We will not devulge your e-mail address to any other business or party, you will only receive newsletters from us. You will also have an unsubscribe option on all Newsletters that we send out should you decide to discontinue the service.

The newsletter will provide information on this route and other where we have a interest, and will hopefully develop into a forum for exchange of experiences between walkers.

Running from Lands End to John O'Groats

This is now old news and is only being retained on the page as an example of what, if submitted to the webmaster, might be regarded as news worth for inclusion on the page. We are certain there must be many others using the Great Glen Way for personal challenges etc and we would like to hear from you.

"The decision as to which way to route will be taken for definite on Sunday 18th May, depending on which way I leave Fort William! At present, it seems likely that the advantages of the Great Glen Way outweigh the disadvantages. Namely that I can cut 25 miles off the route, I can run off road to Inverness, and that the longest distance I have to do in one day is 22 miles instead of 26. All being well therefore in June, I should be clear of Inverness, instead of just reaching there. Im running Lands End to John O Groats, not walking it. Each day I run, I record the approximate distance covered, and time taken. I've a website which as its a 'free' ivillage website, includes several bits and pieces. I'm looking at developing another website showing much more about the run, and how I reached start and endpoints, with how its all fitted together. The page entitled 'Great North Run' on the current site shows the dates I've actually done the runs, and its pretty obvious that there is a very great deal of travelling as most of the runs have been done at weekends".
Ian Rear

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